Meet Mitzi!

It’s not really a farm unless you’ve got a tractor and a truck, right? We bought our adorable Little Tractor That Could three years off a friend of a friend, but have been kind of scraping by on the truck front.

No more. A couple of days ago we took delivery of Mitzi, a Mitsubishi Minicab Kei Truck.

For folks not spending time on farms in the Pacific Northwest, Kei trucks, a.k.a. mini trucks are sort of A Thing. They’re a special class of farm vehicle developed for Japanese farmers under special regulations – max weight/horsepower/speed/size. Apparently they’re required to be white, too, since I’ve never seen one that wasn’t. But they’re small and nimble and light on the pastures. Import regs prohibit bringing them in until they’re at least 25 years old, so all the mini trucks around are from the mid 90’s, but they’re definitely built to last.

Mitzi’s got a tiny little three-cylinder engine under the cab, four-wheel hi/low, big ole pasture tires and an adorable dump bed. And looks like you should pick it up and put it back in the toy chest once you’re done using it. We’re looking forward to many (mini) adventures together.

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  1. occasionalww says:

    Looks perfect for the farm! It just needs a big red door sticker that says TONKA.


  2. Yes – absolutely! (Or, as I’ve seen as a bumper sticker on some Mini’s, “ACTUAL SIZE”)


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