Farm Tour!

No, not The Farm Tour – that’s a big thing around here – but late last week, Natembea welcomed the local Food Council and friends to come see what we were up to. I’ll admit I was kind of nervous – I think we all were. We were expecting 20-30 folks, all deeply knowledgeable about food production and the community’s needs, and we desperately wanted to make a good impression.

think we did okay. Nancy introduced everyone to the Bowman’s goat project and Mark described the farm’s pasture management strategies. Logan walked everyone up through the chestnuts and hazelnuts, answering detailed questions about pollination and placement. Then Lacey took the lead, giving a tour of the greenhouse, showing off the espalier fence and delighting our guests with her perennial herb and flower garden.

Then came the most important part of any visit to Natembea: PLAYING WITH BABY GOATS!


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  1. Kathy Ryan says:

    Thank you so much! What a wonderful way to restore a gem of a farm with so much heart! It was such a treat to share with you! Kathy Ryan, Jefferson County Foodbank Farms and Gardens

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    Very well written, honest and witty account! Thanks for drawing me into your site!!


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