Work Party! This Sunday, June 25th

Okay – it’s on!

Some of us will get started earlier, but we’ll plan to kick things off real at 10 a.m. this coming Sunday, June 25th, at 3057 7th St, Port Townsend. We’d love to have anyone and everyone who can stop by to join us, whether to pitch in for a little or simply say “Howdy,” eat some pie and have a look around. You can come/leave whenever, of course. Read on below for details.

What we’re hoping to get done

Way too much.
  • Our main priority is to get the 100(!) chestnuts in the upper pasture fenced before the deer eat them to the ground.
  • Also hoping to get started on aggregating, chipping and bucking some of the piles of scrap wood around the property.
  • As time and energy allow, we’d like to get started on clearing some of the more endangered fence lines so we can get to repairing them
We’ll plan to have snacks and refreshing things to drink available throughout the day and Waterfront Pizza for lunch. There will totally be pie. It’s not a work party if there’s no pie, is it? If we have any energy left in the evening, we’ll set up a bonfire* around which to chat, roast marshmallows and swap songs and stories.
* a “mini” bonfire, or big campfire, really, so as to abide by Port Townsend city regs.

What you can bring to help
  • Work gloves. We’ll try to have a bunch of extras on hand, but you know…
  • Work shoes that are good in tall weeds with stickers
  • Sun protection – it’s gonna be hot and sunny
  • Warm clothes – it’s gonna get cool in the evening, and we’re hoping that folks who stick around will help us set up the (mini) bonfire.
  • Travel mug or water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated
Things to bring for other activities
  • Lawn chair or something to sit on when we break for lunch or sit around the fire
  • If you fish, maybe a rod and reel to help us figure out whether there really are smallmouth bass and bluegill in the southwest pond
  • Tromping shoes, to explore the western wetland and brush forest
  • A musical instrument and/or song to share
  • Any favorite snacks you’d like to share
Questions? Email ( or give me a call at 650-265-0172.
Many thanks,
 -Pablo, Devon, Logan, Mark and the rest of the Natembea/Swanson Farm gang

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