Time to Put Some Holes in the Ground

As spring rolls in, we’ve gotten to that point where it’s time to put some holes in the ground and pour money into them. It’s called “infrastructure,” and dang, is it expensive. But it’s going to be very important going forward, and it’ll be cheaper, better and faster if we put everything in up front.

So, what are we doing? We’ve got a lot of land, and we need a good way to get water to it. And power. So on Monday we’re breaking ground to run just under a mile of water pipe (city, well), half a mile or so of electrical (220V) and data conduit. And repairing the barn and putting a new roof on it. And regrading, leveling and raising the central lane, then graveling it and putting in some drainage culverts. You hear that sucking sound in the background? Yeah. But as I said, it needs to be done, and the sooner it goes in, the better.

Mind you, when I say “we,” I mean folks like Mark, Ole, Jason Joe and their teams – the folks who actually know how to do all this stuff. We’re mostly just nodding our heads and saying “Yeah, that looks about right,” and reaching for our checkbook.


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