Walking the Line

Okay, this is embarrassing, but we still haven’t actually made it to all four corners of the property. This past week, though, I finally tromped up to the northwest corner. Tried the northeast corner, too, but was stymied by blackberries.

Western fence, presumably built by the neighbors, is actually a pretty cool fence, albeit one that wouldn’t do squat for keeping animals in or out. But the house on the other side is lovely, with well-manicured gardens and a view out to our wetlands.
Looking east from the western fence line. Wetlands to the right there.
Northern border of the farm is 40 acres of forest owned by the city. If I understand correctly, we get to wander around here if we want.


Selfie in not-quite-the-northeast corner. Blackberries were way to heavy to make it to the fence – I think that means I get to buy one of those metal blades for the nifty four-stroke weed whacker I bought.
View from as close to the northeast corner as I could get.
Our eastern neighbor has a deer blind set up on the fence line…

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